Thor Vs Glowing Female Genitalia?

Posted by February 6, 2012 Comment

Thank you for all those who wrote to me after seeing the cover to Avengers Vs X-Men #4 as Thor trying to face down Phoenix, as man trying to face his fear of a glowing vagina.

I don’t know, it may be reaching. I know that the X-Men’s Dark Phoenix Saga has been described as a feminist comic for boys, and yes even with the Hellfire Club, the mind rape of Phoenix by Mastermind and her ultimate suicide, it’s still seen by some as a feminist text, the use of the Phoenix should be seen in that light, the embodying of female power as both a destructive and a creative force –  yet one interpreted through self sacrifice. And true, we have been mocking earlier Avengers Vs X-Men covers for their yaoist tendencies – but I’m still not sure whether seeing this cover to issue 4 of the series in such a symbolic fashion is justified or not.

What would Nathan Fillion say?

“The hammer is my penis”

You’re not helping, Nathan. Although it probably has a way to go to beat this one, from DC Comics a few years ago…


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