New Prometheus Image Calls For A Codebreaker

Posted by February 4, 2012 Comment

Here’s another image of Noomi Rapace and Logan Marshall-Green in Ridley Scott‘s Prometheus doing just what they were in most of the others: looking off-frame at who-knows-what.

Peep over their shoulders, however, and you’ll see some symbols written into the (faux) masonry. There’s no way that somebody as detail-obsessed as Scott has allowed for merely random shapes to be carved into his (polystyrene) rock, so I wouldn’t be surprised if they can, somehow, be deciphered.

The alien text in Futurama is acheived via a simple replacement alphabet but surely something serious like Prometheus hasn’t gone for a language so “unrealistic.” There’s probably far too little data to be working with here, but this seems like a job for a codebreaker. I would page Bletchley Park but I think they’re still just on morse telegraphs and I don’t speak dot-dash.

Thanks to EW for the image. It had appeared in print before, this is its debut in purely digital form.

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