Nate Simpson On The Nonplayer Movie: Where It’s At And Where It Might Be Going

After the news broke that Jane Goldman has been tasked to create a screenplay adaptation of Nate Simpson‘s so-far so-extraordinary comic series Nonplayer, Simpson himself took to the Bleeding Cool forums to shade in some more details.

But I still thought there were a few points worth clarifying. Kindly, Simpson has done just that, dotting some of the Is and crossing some of the Ts for me.

Here’s some of what Nate told me about the current status quo with Nonplayer the movie, and his relationship to the production:

Since Nonplayer started, I’ve been working from a step outline that spans the entire story arc, but it’s pretty flimsy stuff to hand off to a studio. When the Warner thing started to solidify, I spent a few days fleshing that outline out so that it read a little like a stripped-down short story. I forget how long it is exactly, but I think it’s on the order of 30 pages. It gets pretty specific in places – it does include some dialogue, for example.

That said, I’m sure Jane will have to generate plot points for herself, since she’ll be adapting the story to a new medium. I’m sure there will be all sorts of subtractions and additions to make it into a watchable film. As for whether the entire story equates to a single movie’s worth of narrative – that’s an open question. I think it could probably expand to fill multiple movies, depending on how much or how little Warner wants to preserve the original story. I don’t think that has been decided one way or another at this point.

There has been some talk about me supplying them with concepts [designs and artwork] later on, but I have not created anything other than comic pages at the moment. Also, I’d get murdered on the internet if it came out that I was doing anything other than drawing Nonplayer #2.

[Jane and I have ] spoken on the phone a couple of times. I don’t think she has started writing – she’s finishing up another project right now. Mostly, she’s just asked for clarification on things that I’ve described sloppily in my story doc – and there’s been a bit of spitballing about ways to streamline certain things. We haven’t gotten much past the getting-to-know-you stage, really. So yes, it’s very early in the process.

No director is attached yet, though I’ve been very open about who I’d pick if it were my choice. I’m a really big fan of guys like Alfonso Cuaron, Gareth Edwards, Duncan Jones, and Neill Blomkamp. Children of Men and Monsters are two of my top five movies of all time. But I should clarify that nobody cares who I’d pick, since I’m just a guy who drew a comic book.

And while I’m fantasizing, my dream casting choice for Dana has got to be Karen Gillan. A dream is a wish your heart makes.

To clarify once more, though: I don’t get to make any sort of decision about anything related to the film. I’m just here to help if they ask me to.

And they’d be nuts not to ask. Thanks again to Nate for taking the time to fill us in – and rev up our collective Gillan engines another gear.

Nonplayer issue 2 is… in progress. All good things come to those who wait.