Non-Stop Action Picture Everly To Star Kate Hudson

At some point later this year, Joe Lynch's sophomore picture The Knights of Badassdom will finally be unveiled. It's been a long time coming – not least because Lynch seemed to take an awful long time selecting a second project. And it's a special film to Bleeding Cool, being the subject of my first story when I joined up, and a project I've followed keenly from the very second I heard of it.

But lets leapfrog Knights for a moment and look to the future. For his third picture, Lynch is planning the action film Everly. It's based on his idea, and has a Black Listed script by Yale Hannon.

Variety have run this log-line for the film:

Everly centers on a down-on-her-luck woman, stuck in her apartment, who must fend off waves of assassins sent by her ex, a dangerous mob boss.

Pic is set entirely in one room.

To which I added:

The film isn't set all in one room at all. It's not even set entirely in a single apartment, as the odd little bit takes place in the immediate surroundings – though it might spoil too much to tell you exactly where. However, the camera never leaves this one apartment. It can look out into the corridor or wherever, but it always stays in the few basic rooms of the apartment where we first meet Everly, even while characters come and go.

In short, Lynch will be able to build a 360 degree set on a decent sized soundstage and take the whole thing under control. What a playground.

The film has been coming along slowly for a little while now, but Lynch has just had a breakthrough in casting Kate Hudson in the title role. It's a remarkable idea. She's not somebody I would have expected, but now she's in the spotlight, I'm running back over everything I know about the film and imagining her in the scenes.

In short, it's a real career U-turn for Hudson, but an exciting U-turn with filthy black tyre marks and a really loud screech. If Matthew McConaughey does turn up this time around, he'll soon be sent packing in a body bag.

I would get busy looking forward to Everly and its "Panic Room meets Crank" hyperaction, but I'm going to put it in the excitement queue behind Knights of Badassdom. One at time, Lynch.