New Dark Knight Toys Make Me Want To Hug Tom Hardy And Tell Him Everything Will Be Okay

Alasdair Stuart writes for Bleeding Cool.

The Wayne Enterprises factories are working over time to get The Dark Knight Rises merchandise ready to go and, as with Green Lantern, there are two very clear approaches being taken. Movie Masters will be highly articulated figures (Maybe all of Tom Hardy‘s shoulder muscles will move individually!) whilst Quick Tek will be a series of less detailed figures with snap on armour and equipment. Basically, if they made Pirate Batman now, he’d be a Quick Tek figure.

Now, these are fun and all but they’re not super deformed vinyl figures of Tom Hardy are they? Hmmm?

I mean, look at this thing. Look at his adorable oversized noggin, look at his sheepskin coat, at the fact his mask looks a lot more like comedy teeth here than it does in the movie. He even has a tiny little wrist brace thing for what I can only assume is an ouchie, possibly from a colouring in accident.

Then there’s the Catwoman one, which actually has more practical looking boots than Anne Hathaway appears to be wearing in the movie. That being said, her cuteness is offset somewhat by the fact she doesn’t appear to have a mouth. At all. Which is a little too nightmare fuel-y to be cute, let’s face it. Or not, as the case apparently is.

These Funko figures are flat out adorable and I can only hope against hope that an Alfred will follow. Batman I can take or leave, especially as the idea of a Batman figure trying to scowl and look cool and intimidating whilst surrounded by colossal headed munchkin people is too glorious an image to pass up.

The Dark Knight Rises is out on the 20th of July, this year. The products of Wayne Enterprises‘ Mandatory Fun Division will be on display at the New York Toy Fair from 12th-15th February.

Thanks to The LA Times and USA Today for the images.