Is Jane Goldman Writing The New X-Men Movie? We Asked Her, And She Said…

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Out on February 10th is The Woman in Black, an adaptation of Susan Hill’s phenomenally successful ghost story by screenwriter Jane Goldman and director James Watkins. Before then (as soon as the embargo lapses) I’ll be bringing you a great piece in which all three, Hill, Goldman and Watkins, talk us through their techniques for creating a spooky or scary moment. Think of it as “The Anatomy of a Scare.” Do keep an eye out for that, it’s very interesting.

Now, after sitting down with the trio to come up with their contributions to that article, I was also able to sneak a quick word with Goldman about her other projects – and, yes, whether or not they would include the sequel to X-Men: First Class. Here’s what she told me:

I’m working on two different American studio projects now, neither of which has really been officially announced yet, but one of which has sort of been talked about online, but the other hasn’t… the Tim Burton is one of them, yeah.

I’ve spoken recently about Kick-Ass 2 so everything I have to say about that is already online but X-Men… yeah, I probably can’t say anything about that but there will definitely be one. I’m honestly not involved… Simon Kinberg is writing a draft right now.

It isn’t clear how much Kinberg has been collaborating with Vaughn, if at all. Nor do we know if Vaughn will take the script out of Kinberg’s hands entirely now that he’s formally signed on – which would echo the process on the last installment, where Vaughn and Goldman remodeled the work of Stentz and Miller to suit Vaughn’s vision, and did so in double-quick time.

When Goldman said she’s “honestly not involved”, she wasn’t lying, of course, but the project seems to be moving pretty quickly right now. If she’s going to come on board, I’d expect it to happen soon.

We’ll keep our ear to the ground, and with our fingers crossed. Goldman and Vaughn have demonstrated, and amply, that they work well together, and I’m sure it would make a lot of people happy to know they were pulling together on this project too.

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