Avengefuls Assembled

Avengefuls Assembled

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Picture it. You’re Mark Waid, flicking through the Boom! listings in Previews (out tomorrow folks) and you come across this ad (which one retailer very kindly sent to me). It’s enough to make you choke on your Cheerios.

Yes, it’s true, I’ve written four comics for Boom!, shipping in April, each parodying a different Marvel movie. Except, because it’s me, I’ve ended up parodying world religion, reality TV, terrorism and our attitude towards it, and even made a baseball joke.

THE AVENGEFULS is drawn by Joshua Covey,  IRON MUSLIM drawn by Bryan Turner, CAPTAIN AMERICAN IDOL, drawn by Chris Haley and SCIENTHORLOGY drawn by Comics messiah himself, Michael Netzer. The covers are by Mark Stafford, and the retailer variant covers by Fred Hembeck.

Some of you may recognise Captain American Idol and Thor Of The Church Of Scienthorlogy from an earlier parody comic of mine, Civil Wardrobe. Mark Stafford drew the cover to that (and Fred Hembeck drew Captain American Idol, and Mike Netzer drew Thor on the inside) so this is a reunion of sorts.

I expect to be signing comics in the London stores in April, quite a lot, whether they want me or not. Also, there may just be a teensy weensy bit of media coverage between then and now.

Although I’m sure nothing like what DC Comics have planned for tomorrow…



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