New Sherlock Viral? Or Something Geekier?

Posted by January 26, 2012 Comment

Below you’ll see a photo of a poster, hanging on a bus shelter. It was taken by Little Bleeder Ian, who wondered:

I don’t know if this is genuine viral marketing or just a bunch of students.

You can see a #believeinsherlock hashtag on the bottom right hand corner. I went to Twitter and searched it up, and found that it was actually fairly active.

There have been several other posters photographed and uploaded by a number of users. Here’s a couple:

That last one was apparently photographed at Arizona State University. Seems they like they’re responding to the Britishness of the show somewhat.

So, is there a purpose to all of this?

Well… not really. Not strictly speaking. It’s a fan movement. It wasn’t too hard to track down their HQ, a Tumblr account. They’re just showing their love for the show. It’s certainly not as if it needs any support – it does very well in the ratings, absolutely towers over other shows in iPlayer ratings and sells plenty of copies on DVD and Blu-ray.

The fans are just… grouping. To no real end. For its own sake. They probably want little more than recognition and attention – and as this tweet shows, not always for the show as much as their efforts:

It’s great to support things you love. It’s why I blog in the first place. And, of course, #IBelieveInSherlock too.

Now, if you spot any signs of this going up a notch – anybody leaping off the roof of a hospital in a Benedict Cumberbatch mask, for example – please let us know.

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