Justice League #5 – An Arms Race (SPOILERS)

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What’s happening to people’s arms in comics right now? In Static Shock, the lead character loses a limb, though because he’s all electromagnetic and that, it was reversible somehow. Then Buffy looks like she gets hers chopped off in her Dark Horse comic, according to covers and coverage released, with no sign that she may be getting rearmed. And in Uncanny X-Men, Emma Frost loses hers while in diamond form, leading to a scene where she has to use Namor as a tourniquet, reverting to flesh form to use her telepathic powers. Again, back in diamond form, this should be reversible.



It’s not quite as bad in this week’s Justice League from Geoff Johns, Jim Lee and Scott Williams, Green Lantern goes pinky to pinky against Darkseid, who totally breaks through his Green Lantern shielding, takes his arm and snaps it in two places.

Yes, ouch.

We’ve seen the classic injury-to-eye-motif returning with Marcus Johnson at Marvel, but someone really seems to have it in for arms right now. If I was Aquaman I’d be getting antzy around now.

This is a comic about powerful people who have never really been defeated by something, coming smack bang against something that is so above their power levels, they are completely helpless, the only possibility is that they and think their way around an alien intelligence. Superhero comics are so often about hope, this sees that hope dashed again and again and again.

Except for one. Because for all their powers, the only hope against the invasion of New Apokalips is a man without any. As Batman moves to a different level and becomes what is for all intents and purposes, a super spy. An insurgent. A terrorist.

Okay, yes, I’ll be back for issue 6, things just got interesting.

Comics courtesy of Orbital Comics of London, and their spiffy new website.

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