A Better Look At Aardman's Batman And Superman Toon

A Better Look At Aardman’s Batman And Superman Toon

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This first ran as an update to an older story, so I knew we’d seen it here before, and months ago.

But while I was convinced we’d already had it up in “good quality,” all I could search out on the site today was in “wobble vision.”

Well, just in case the wobbly one really is all there was, here’s the “better” version that’s had people talking in the last day or so:

DC Nation – Aardman by redruger

Aardman seem to be using the Creature Comforts paradigm of recording voices and then animating to the ad-libs. They always get great mileage out of that, but using kids was the masterstroke for this particular subject matter.

More of this will air during the DC Nation block on Cartoon Network. I can’t wait to see what else they come up with.

Thanks to Twitch for this particular embed.

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