Tuesday Trending Topics: 52 Robins

 I’m not privy to Rich’s sources on this, but I’d bet on this rumor being true. It sounds like precisely the kind of thing that DC is trying to accomplish with the New 52, and Jeff Lemire would be a good candidate to accomplish it. Quite a bit of support for this concept around the internet too, I see, so there seems to be plenty of fingers crossed over this one happening. (at right: Edgar Church’s copy of the first issue of Robin’s first solo run in comics)

Most-Read Comic Stories Today:

The Robins – A New Comic From Jeff Lemire?

He’s done gangbusters for DC Comics, taking C-list character Animal Man, whose return to the DC Universe from DC Vertigo had been lacklustre at best, and turned him into a surprise critical and commercial hit as part of the DC New 52.

Marcus Johnson And The Injury To Eye Motif 

This is the cover to the final issue of Battle Scars for April, just in time for the Avengers movie. Well, I guess we know why it has that title now.

So What Would Happen If You Dropped Aquaman In The Desert?

That was the conversation I found myself in the other week. “What would happen if you dropped Aquaman in the middle of the desert?”

Most-Read TV/Film Stories Today:

Warner Bros. Nix ElfQuest Movie, Pin Blame On The Hobbit 

I would assume that the success of The Lord of the Rings and the huge interest in The Hobbit, not to mention the extraordinary, eight-film success of the Harry Potter series, would encourage Warner Bros. to look seriously into all of their similar options, but the studio has not to move ahead with a long-developing ElfQuest movie, based upon Wendy and Richard Pini‘s beloved comics.

Max Von Sydow’s Handwritten Response To His Oscar Nomination 

In his own words, in his own hand, one of this year’s two 82-year old Best Actor nominees reacts to the good news

What Does This New Mickey Mouse T-Shirt Have To Do With Suicide And The Nazi’s Concentration Camp Sex Slaves? 

There’s a fine Disney tradition of “Hidden Mickeys”, whereby the famous three-circles shape of Mickey Mouse’s head is hidden in a piece of furniture, architecture, artwork or, really, where ever. The theme parks are crawling with them, and I had fun hunting down as many as I could when in the studio’s hat building.


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