Harry Hill Announces The (Apparent) End Of TV Burp

Harry Hill Announces The (Apparent) End Of TV Burp

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Last September, The Sun reported that Harry Hill was going to wind down TV Burp, that beautiful Oasis in the televisual desert of Saturday night. They said that Hill had refused a significant pay rise, preferring to break free from the show’s arduous production schedule at the end of his current contract.

Looks like they were right. Hill has posted the following to his blog:

The New (and , it seems last) series of TV Burp starts up on the 4th Feb and finishes 8 shows later at the end of March in a huge finale – SO MAKE THE MOST OF IT !!!

It seems that “it seems” might suggest negotiations are ongoing, in some capacity, but I’d imagine that if Hill has gone so far to blog about it, TV Burp must be almost out of gas.

It will be missed. I’ve seen what Harry Hill considers a huge finale before and for all the badgers,it wasn’t that huge at all. Still, it was very funny, and that’s what we’re looking for.

Now, incidentally, the very same blog post featured the following picture and “explanation”:

“What you been up to H?” is what is shouted at me in the street and frequently asked by Taxi drivers and ladies in ASDA.

The answer is , of course painting , and the good news is I have managed to complete four of my Britpop Coconuts.

Jarvis, Gaz Coombes (off Supergrass), Damon Albarn (off Blur) and Noel G (From Oasis). I am determined to add Justine Frischmmann from Elastica and then the shy is complete and the wooden balls can fly !

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