New UK Poster, 60-Second Promo And Latest UK Trailer For This Means War

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I’m hoping that This Means War provides more evidence for my “McG is good at this stuff” argument – this stuff being splashy, bright and colourful fun. I do continue to be a bit confused by the film’s sexual politics, but I hope the full film will join those dots in a way that doesn’t leave me screaming.

Here’s a new UK poster for the film that exists, as far as I can see, to announce that the film will be in cinemas from February 14th – Valentine’s Day. There’s some technicality that makes those first few days of screenings into “previews” but that’s of little consequence to real people.

And here’s a 60-second TV ad for the film, continuing to keep the focus more on the boys than on Reese. I’m expecting at least one trailer or TV spot to flip that around at some point.

Aaaaand… just for luck, the latest UK trailer for the film.

The Gloria Steinem joke makes me nervous.

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