VIDEO: Star Wars Uncut – Episode IV Remade In 15-Second Chunks

Posted by January 21, 2012 Comment

The entirety of Star Wars has been remade by fans, each little chunk of fifteen seconds submitted separately in a style of the filmmakers’ choice. The approaches vary from Be Kind Rewind to Flash Animation 101, though there’s some witty ideas tucked away here and there.

By “the entirety of Star Wars”, I just mean the film, the first one, the one that was actually just called Star Wars, rather than the expanded saga – my desire to see how sweders handle Han Solo getting frozen in carbonite will have to go suspended.

As you might expect, some bits are better than others, you’ll be grateful many pieces are just fifteen seconds long, and several irrelevant internet memes creep in around the edges. Still, curiousity and the ongoing promise of sudden, striking juxtapositions helped me make it all the way through and and, now that it’s the weekend, maybe you’ll have the time to give it a punt too.

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