Friday Trending Topics: Riddick Return Is Real

Friday Trending Topics: Riddick Return Is Real

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Nice to see that the new Riddick is actually moving forward. With all the difficulties they’ve had getting it off the ground, I must admit I had my doubts it was going to happen until Vin Diesel posted that set pic.  And with Katee Sackhoff involved?  I’m in for this one.

Most-Read Comic Stories Today:

Will Public Domain Comic Characters Go Back Into Copyright? Will DC Have To Abandon Black Dossier To The Winds?

But now it seems that the US may be leaning to abandoning its 1922 provision which overrules the Berne convention on copyright law. On Wednesday, in a 6-2 ruling, the US Supreme court ruled that even though something has been made public domain, it is not “territory that works may never exit.”

Marvel In April 2012 – Have We Lost All Generation Hope?

This is a list of Marvel titles shipping to comic stores in the month of April

John Rozum Speaks Out Over Creative And Editorial Differences On Static Shock

Today, in the comments on a piece by Danny Donovan lamenting the cancellation of Static Shock, John Rozum wrote;

Most-Read TV/Film Stories Today:

First Image Of Riddick On The Set Of His New Movie, Movie Gets Some Added Funk 

Here’s Vin Diesel in his Sunday best, up to a spot of glowering on the set of Riddick,the third installment of D T Twohy‘s space opera series.

Andy Serkis Sets Up Caesar’s Situation For The Next Planet Of The Apes 

During a new interview, Andy Serkis has sketched out some rough idea of where Caesar will be standing in the next Rise of the Planet of the Apes picture. The filmmakers have got a tricky problem to solve, in finding a way for there to be both apes and human characters, and for the apes to not just seem like murderous tyrants.

Green Marvel Monsters Ahoy – Toys “Reveal” The Movie Lizard And The Avenger’s Hulk

More toys, and the movie clues they spill. I’ve written a slew of toy stories these last few weeks, but every one of them after Christmas. Seems like somebody’s clock is off.


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