First Image Of Riddick On The Set Of His New Movie, Movie Gets Some Added Funk

Posted by January 20, 2012 Comment

Here’s Vin Diesel in his Sunday best, up to a spot of glowering on the set of Riddick,the third installment of D T Twohy‘s space opera series.

This sword-ish and sandal-ish type of design can grate with me, certainly moreso than obviously functional, or at least quasi-functional, Prometheus-style space suits. It just seems to fly in the face of logical utility, looking for some sort of “cool.”

The image was posted on Vin Diesel’s  Facebook page with the caption:

Grateful for the opportunity to make magic…

Meanwhile, Variety have added Nolan Funk to the film’s cast list, alongside Diesel, Katee Sackhoff and Jordi Molla. At least the latter two are playing mercenaries on Roddick’s trail, with several more mercenaries to be cast. It’s essentially going to be Riddick vs. Crap Loads Of Mercenaries. The official plot blurb may seem more complex than that, when it comes along, but there’s no reason they couldn’t use that for a poster tagline.

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