Andy Serkis Sets Up Caesar’s Situation For The Next Planet Of The Apes

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During a new interview, Andy Serkis has sketched out some rough idea of where Caesar will be standing in the next Rise of the Planet of the Apes picture. The filmmakers have got a tricky problem to solve, in finding a way for there to be both apes and human characters, and for the apes to not just seem like murderous tyrants.

Here’s how Serkis says they’re approaching it – at least so far:

This was never a film saying that apes are good, humans are bad or apes are bad.  It was always about the difficult gray areas of, you know, a species dominating a planet.  I think that whereever it goes – and it is in its infancy in terms of where we are taking the story – it will certainly have conflict, and it will certainly have Caesar having to make decisions about managing his own kind and also the survivors of the virus, and making sure they can co-exist.  I believe that’s where it is going.

And here’s IGN’s full video chat with Mr. Serkis with lots of good stuff about the first film too.

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