Lady Death is Cursed - A Sneak Peak At Her April Goodies

Lady Death is Cursed – A Sneak Peak At Her April Goodies

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Here are a bundle of new Boundless Comics items that you will find in the new February Previews catalog, for items shipping in April 2012.

Lady Death Origins: Cursed #1 Regular Edition (Cover by Jason Eden)
Written by Brian Pulido, this tale bridges the gap between Lady Death’s original adventures and the current ongoing series.

Lady Death Origins: Cursed #1 Sultry Edition (Cover by Michael Dipascale)
Textbook definition of sultry. (Why can’t more textbooks look like this?)

Lady Death Origins: Cursed #1 Wraparound Edition (Cover by Michael Dipascale)
Our heroine with alabaster skin straddles a big hog. Guh…

Lady Death #16 Regular Edition (Cover by Matt Martin)
Death Queen’s army of misshapen zombies may bring an end to Lady Death’s fractured rebellion.

Lady Death #16 Sultry Edition (Cover by Matt Martin)
The classic Lady Death look.

Lady Death #16 Wraparound Edition (Cover by Paul Duffield)
The beloved artist of Freakangels presents a quiet moment in the chaotic, bloody life of an ivory goddess.

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