Bone Movie Gets New Writer And Director

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It wouldn’t matter to me if PJ Hogan had only ever made Muriel’s Wedding, he made his mark as a director right out of the gate with that sharp,smart,  often undervalued debut. Still, he has made some good films since, and in a variety of styles, and I’m looking forward to his next picture, Mental, a good deal.

Better still, he’s now attached to direct the long gestating big-screen adaptation of Jeff Smith‘s Bone comics. If you haven’t caught up with Bone yet, here’s my sales pitch:

Buy it. It’s brilliant.

Other, popular sales pitches for Bone have invoked Tolkien, Pogo and Donald Duck comics genius Carl Barks. It’s a huge fantasy epic with great scope, wonderful characters, plenty of surprise and so much texture and wit in the small details that it’s very hard to not sink in deep within seconds of picking it up.

The latest news, courtesy of The Hollywood Reporter, does not clarify if the film will be entirely animated, as has been the plan before, or if there’s to be live action footage, which has also been an option considered along the way. One might think that a director like Hogan suggests a live action component, but the film is being produced by Animal Logic who have twice before turned out the all-animated debuts of George Miller and Zack Snyder – Happy Feet and Legend of the Guardians.

While Hogan has already done a pass and is expected to do a polish on the script before production, the current draft is being written by Patrick Sean Smith, creator of the TV show Greek and a sometime writer on Supernatural and Everwood.

In my heart, I always wanted a cel-animated, hand drawn Bone movie but, well… blame Pixar.

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