Tuesday Trending Topics: How Did Sherlock Do It? Please Don't Tell Me... Yet

Tuesday Trending Topics: How Did Sherlock Do It? Please Don’t Tell Me… Yet

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It turns out they like Sherlock quite a bit in Russia. Perhaps even moreso than people do everywhere else in the world, which is very much indeed.  I’ve really been trying to avoid that How Sherlock Did It post because I hope to watch it on blu ray eventually, but it keeps showing up near the top of various BC analytics reports…

Most-Read Comic Stories Today:

Did Stormwatch #5 Give Us A Glimpse Of The Justice Society?

We’ve mentioned before how Stormwatch is meant to be one of the key books of the New DC 52 continuity. It’s the book where Pandora’s identity and importance will be revealed, and it looks key to many other stories too. From just one panel in Stormwatch #5.

DC Comics Gets A New Logo. And Here It Is.

Well, this symbol has now been submitted for trademark protection. It is meant to be the letter D flipping back to show the letter C. It looks like it may just be a new logo for DC Comics. There’s no colour, because no colour is being applied for trademark. So it could be any and every colour.

Brokeback Avengers Vs X-Men

Clearly Wolverine isn’t happy about that.

Most-Read TV/Film Stories Today:

How Sherlock Did It

There are spoilers here, for the final episode of Sherlock, which aired last night on BBC 1, The Reichenbach Fall.

Stephen Colbert Runs For President… As Herman Cain

It’s a bit difficult to run for the Republican candidate for President of the USA in the state of South Carolina, if your name is not on the ballot and they won’t accept write-in votes.

Nick Nolte Wants To Warn You Against 3D TV But I’m Not Having It 

I’ve heard a lot of misinformed claptrap spouted about 3D films, but this takes the biscuit. Nick Nolte has, for no good reason I can discern, been asked about 3D, and has shared his belief that it is dangerous, both physically and psychologically.


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