Rumoured Fight Scene From The Avengers Sounds A Lot Like Charlie's Angels

Rumoured Fight Scene From The Avengers Sounds A Lot Like Charlie’s Angels

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Thanks to a few Little Bleeders, I’ve been pointed towards a forum post that purports to reveal details of a specific action scene in The Avengers. Reading the description, I found that another sequence in another film came straight to mind.

I’ll put both the Avengers rumour (complete with typos) and a clip of the other scene below – so, be warned, potential spoilers follow.

I wanted to share some interesting things I found out at work today on the Avengers. I work for a pretty big toy company (not Hasbro) and we have the Marvel license. One of my co-workers just got back from a trip from Asia for the toy fair there. Marvel and Disney presented whole scenes and then some clips. Here is what he told me as best as I can remember. He described a scene with Black Widow in here black party dress from the first trailer and she is being held by some Russian thugs. (she’s on a mission) She is tied to a chair and the main guy is slapping her in the face and talking smack to he. He mocks her and she is not intimidated and say’s some cool stuff back. my friend said that there is classic Whedon dialog and it is quite funny. It gets better because her cell phone rings and another thug standing off to the side answers it and is asked to give the phone to her. He does so hesitantly and on the other end of the phone is agent Coulson! I cant remember the specifics, but the exchange is really funny as she’s tells him she’s busy and he is saying Fury needs her back pronto. She tell him something like, “hold on a minute” and then the proceeds to kick the guys asses while still tied to the chair! She eventually breaks free by landing the chair on a guy and it breaks, then she finishes them off. After she is done she walks over to the phone and tells Coulson that she’s done or some thing.

And now the clip, which not only features a woman on a chair beating up some free-standing guys, but also some other loose points of comparison.

Other memorable chair-fights in The Killer Elite and 15 Minutes don’t seem to match so well. Are there any other similar scenes that I’ve forgotten?

Two more possible Avengers spoilers in the same forum post don’t seem to have come from Charlie’s Angels:

The Hellicarrier starts out on the water like a regular aircraft carrier and then the outside fins begin to rotate and then the anti-gravity/turbines fire up and then it slowly rises out the water and begins flying away.

CAP pointing and then yelling to the Hulk “Hulk Smash!” Hulk proceeds to start rampaging forward and runs straight into a building. Right through the outside wall!! Then it shows him running past some office people that were freaking out as Hulk runs by them like a bull in a China shop.

All sounds pretty plausible, wouldn’t you say? There’s certainly some shots of Romanoff fighting in her party dress in the trailer – I used a screen-cap at the top of the page – though I can’t see a broken chair in any of the frames.

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