Possible Prometheus Spoilers: A Casualty, When They Clock Out, And What Kills Them. Perhaps

There will be deaths in Ridley Scott's Prometheus. I don't think telling you that much constitutes a spoiler.

But the rough timing, means and agent of demise of one specific character have found their way into a newspaper article about the relevant cast member. Turn back now if you don't want to know. Or plough ahead because, you know, the newspaper might just be making it all up. That's how it goes in Britain.

Turned back? Or coming with me?

Right. Here then, is a photo of the page from the Scottish Daily Star, courtesy of AvPGalaxy:

And now, a transcript:

A Scots actress is hoping a new big-budget sci-fi movie will make her a star even though she lasts just 28 minutes before an alien eats her.

Kate Dickie, 40, appears in the prequel to the smash-hit Alien franchise as part of a star-studded line-up which includes Charlize Theron, Idris Elba and Michael Fassbender. They play a team of explorers who discover a clue to the origins of mankind, leading them on a journey to the darkest corners of the universe.

There they meet a terrifying host of vicious, skeletal alien monstrosities which chase the crew through the halls of their spaceship Prometheus. The film is set before director Ridley Scott's 1979 masterpiece Alien, which starred Sigourney Weaver and took $185 million (£120m).

East Kilbride-born mother-of-one Kate, who has appeared in Taggart and won a BAFTA for a role in the hard-hitting film Red Road, said "You can get caught up in all that stuff. I don't feel any pressure. I just get on with the job at hand"

The brunette dyed her hair blonde for the flick which is shaping up as the biggest box-office draw of 2012. Kate plays a tough first officer called Mudow, who needs to help her fellow crew members become acclimatised to their removal from cryo-sleep after a long space journey which ends on an apparently barren planet.

With their muscles wasted from five years without use, she helps them to get fit – only for them to fall victims to horrible creatures that begin stalking them for food.While all cast
are under a vow of silence until the movie's release on June 1, it is known from director Scott's hints that Prometheus' ending will tie in with the beginning of the first Alien film.

Now, outside of the 28-minute count, this is all information I've seen or read before, though never from a particularly reputable source. Some of it chimes exactly with a full-film synopsis that keeps cropping up again, but has no source, and I'm therefore pretty sceptical about all of this.

I'm not convinced the Scottish Daily Star journalist didn't just build their story out of bits and pieces they found online.

Still. 28 minutes. Either that came out of Dickie's mouth or it's entirely made up. Perhaps it's the kernel of truth in this whole thing.

Oh… incidentally, Guy Pearce has told MTV that he's only in the movie for a minute. Swizz?