Will Your Shop Be On The Side Of The Avengers Or The X-Men?

Will Your Shop Be On The Side Of The Avengers Or The X-Men?

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Marvel is launching the first issue of Avengers Vs X-Men on April the 3rd at 8pm, the day before the comic will go on sale in general.

Stores participating in the launch party will have to choose to be an Avengers store or an X-Men store, and will get party items depending on their affiliation. But they can still order items for the other side, but Marvel makes it a little harder.

And it all depends on how many copies a store ordered of Fear Itself #7, which ICV2 estimate sold 95,599 in the US and Canada, and came ninth in the charts.

X-Men Party Participants who order more than 125% of their Fear Itself #7 orders can then order as many copies of the Avengers vs. X-Men #1 X-Men Team Party Variants as they want.

If they order more than 175% of their Fear Itself #7 orders, they can then also order as many Avengers vs. X-Men #1 Avengers Team Party Variants as they want.

It’s the same thing with the buttons/badges. If they order more than 125% of their orders of Fear Itself #7 they will get one free pack of 20 X-Men buttons.

But if they order over 175%, they get three packs of X-Men buttons and one pack of Avengers buttons.

X-Men stores will get also get free bundles of Avengers vs. X-Men: X-Men Store Mini-Posters.

For Avengers stores, the above is reversed.

Retailers who sign up will also get a preview copy of the comic a week in advance. Those who exceed 125% of Fear Itself orders will get a free bundle of 20 Avengers vs. X-Men Party Lithographs. Those who exceed 175% will get three free bundles.

Stores can also order extra lithographs and buttons if they pay for them. Participants also get deals on ordering The Avengers Vs X-Men: It’s Coming trade paperback, as well as themed backlist sales.

And a batch of Point Of Sale items such as shelf talkers, and promotions for their store from Marvel.

And available to stores, even those that don’t participate, if they exceed Fear Itself #7 orders by 150%, they get extra discount, if they got to 175% they get even more discount and if they go to 200% they get even even more discount.

Then there is the 1:100 Ryan Stegman Variant, the 1:25 John Romita, Jr. Variant  and if a store just orders over the same amount as Fear Itself #7, they can order as many as they want of the Avengers vs. X-Men #1 Blank Variant.

Then there are the bundles of the Avengers vs. X-Men Program to help everyone keep track of what is what, the postcards bundles going to the top three thousand retailers (are there three thousand retailers left?), AVX teaser posters, mini-posters and AVX coasters going to the top two thousand retailers (are there two thousand retailers left?)

Basically whether your shop particpates or not, they are going to be swimming in AvX stuff by the time the comic actually goes on sale. Why not help them put by taking some of them home?

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