Avatar Plug of the Week: Crossed: Psychopath #7

Avatar Plug of the Week: Crossed: Psychopath #7

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Staff writer Keith Davidsen writes for Bleeding Cool.

The final chapter of Crossed: Psychopath hits comic shops today with issue #7, written by David Lapham with artwork by Raulo Caceres. It’s a one-two punch on Lapham’s part, since another of his Avatar horror series concludes today (see our coverage of Caligula #6 for more information).

To start off, a recap of prior events (spoiler alert): When the world is overrun by a plague of homicidal bloodlust, a small band of uninfected survivors discover a starving, injured man in the desert, and it seems like an unexpected blessing. He knows where to find the last holdout of the scientific community, where the military offers protection and the cure to the Crossed plague. But Harold Lorre is not the savior they hope him to be. He’s a calculating, lethal man whose mind was dangerously unhinged even before the world went mad. Surrounded by marauding hordes, their nerves shattered by unending fear, the group fall victim to the manipulations of a psychopath.

As the Crossed: Psychopath series progressed, we watched in horror as nearly all of the cast members met their grisly demise. Now, in issue #7, it’s a final battle of wits between Harold and Amanda, the beautiful and strong survivor whom our resident maniac has been obsessing over throughout his time with the group.

Here’s a preview to whet your whistle!

Crossed: Psychopath #7 hits stores today with three standard cover variants to choose from: a Regular edition by Jacen Burrows (Crossed: Badlands, Neonomicon), and Torture and Wraparound editions by series artist Raulo Caceres (Captain Swing).

CROSSED: PSYCHOPATH #7 (of 7) Regular Edition
$3.99 Retail, Cover by Jacen Burrows
Diamond Item Code: NOV110765

CROSSED: PSYCHOPATH #7 (of 7) Torture Edition
$3.99 Retail, Cover by Raulo Caceres
Diamond Item Code: NOV110766

CROSSED: PSYCHOPATH #7 (of 7) Wraparound Edition
$3.99 Retail, Cover by Raulo Caceres
Diamond Item Code: NOV110767

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