Tuesday Rushes Part Two - Game Of Thrones, Uggie On A Skateboard, Thor 2, Snow Piercer And More

Tuesday Rushes Part Two – Game Of Thrones, Uggie On A Skateboard, Thor 2, Snow Piercer And More

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SyFy are readying to air an “original movie” called Arachnoquake. Unfortunately, the trailer for that is not yet available, so let’s go with their other upcoming production, Swamp Volcano, starring Brad Dourif and Rachel Hunter.

Cormac McCarthy has sold his first spec screenplay. a drug-world thriller called The Counselor, all about a respected lawyer getting in too deep. This is going to attract some first rate directing and acting talent, no doubt.

Michael Fassbender has apparently described his character in Prometheus in come-out-and-say-it spoiler terms.

Tilda Swinton, Jamie Bell and Chris Evans are all in the frame for Snow Piercer, the upcoming sci-fi thriller from Bong Joon-ho. Chan Wook Park co-wrote the screenplay, from the comics by Jacques Lob, Alexis and Jean-Marc Rochette. The story is set on a train called The Snow Piercer, carrying the last surviving humans away from an encroaching second ice age.

Here’s a Game of Thrones promo focusing on the material filmed in Croatia.

Uggie from The Artist stars in a new eCard for Valentines Day. Sure, he’s cute, but I wouldn’t give him an Oscar, no. Thanks to E for the tip.

Matthew Lillard is joining Clint Eastwood in the baseball scout family-drama road movie, The Trouble With the Curve. Amy Adams has already been cast as Clint’s daughter. Clint’s character is losing his sight. The stage is set for something horrendously schmaltzy.

Joel Edgerton was a next-big-thing who didn’t quite get Michael Fassbender momentum. We still like him, though. He also moonlights as a screenwriter, and his first script since The Square has now sold. One Night Stand is said to be “an honest look at a man and a woman in the aftermath of a one night stand… with comedic elements.”

Here’s the UK trailer for the new Pie film, American Reunion. Please can I make a “crusty” joke? The laughs would be off the chart – or at least 3.14 on the Richter scale.

Video: American Pie: Reunion trailer (MSN Exclusive)

Chris Colfer, of Glee, wrote the film Struck By Lightning, and gave himself a starring role. For his fairly secretive next film – which he’s just started teasing – he’s only written himself a support part.

Zooey Deschanel and her Hello Giggles partners are producing a new series of the online romcom, The Single Life.

I’d love to know how First Showing found this trailer for stop-motion roboporn documentary, Meaning of Robots (more like De-meaning of Robots, ho-ho).

Once upon a time, Geoffrey Sax directed the mid-90s Doctor Who TV movie. Poor soul. His next film is going to be a thriller named Unmasked, described as Eyes Wide Shut meets Fight Club.

Michelle Williams is keeping up the Marilyn act for her GQ photoshoot.

Idris Elba, the man who was Heimdall, says that he is definitely going to be in Thor 2 but is not sure about The Avengers. Sounds like a man ducking an NDA to me.

They’ve gone full-on mineral for the casting of Gen. Douglas MacArthur in the World War II drama Emperor. Director Peter Webber has cast Tommy Lee Jones in the title role of the man who essentially ruled Japan during its occupation. He’ll bring a lot of granit… er… gravitas to the role, I’m sure.

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