Literally Hundreds Of First Look Images From Transit

Literally Hundreds Of First Look Images From Transit

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Antonio Negret’s Transit is an upcoming chase thriller with Diora Baird, Jim Caviezel and James Frain. Bleeding Cool have come into possession of literally hundreds of images from the film, and have spread them out over a series of pages for your perusal.

Because there’s such a volume of images the narrative intervals between many of them are small, but if you keep going, there is variety and drama in here. There were too many images to manually sort but I think each page, at least, is in order.

I’ve never seen so many images from one film before – there’s literally hundreds, because, you know, between one and two hundred counts as a plural – and it was quite fascinating to look through them. I guess this is the process with many movie stills – for every image we see of Batman and his wifi router, there’s another 38 that bite the dust.

I was thinking of just putting all of these images on the one page but anybody looking at the site on a phone or slower connection would go absolutely crazy, hunt me down and re-enact some of the scarier bits from these very photographs. So I didn’t.

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