Digital Delights – The French, Open Source And Five Strips

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FrenchDelight: Panini is launching their first line of digital comics for the iPad in French on January 25th, to coincide with the world’s largest comic convention, Angoulême. They’re kicking off with Kurt Busiek and Cary Nord’s run on Conan as well as Marvel creator owned comics, Kick-Ass, Nemesis and Scarlet, and will add new titles every week, including the manga series Vampire Princess.

SourceDelight: The Droid Comic Viewer for Android systems that reads CBR & CBZ files has gone “open source” after its millionth download, to improve the software.

DRMFreeDelight: CNet reports;

Starting last week, cartoonist Richard Stevens III released a free PDF of “Pocket Sweeties,” his first book from the comic, on the occasion of his 35th birthday. The result is a PDF that’s not locked within the digital rights management wrapper that constrains the typical e-book.

The 2003 book features some of the comic strips’ earliest episodes, mixing up the themes of robots and romance and rendered with Stevens’ carefully constructed coarsely pixelated style.

PrintDelight: Mourning the loss of the print Shonen Jump.

There wasn’t quite enough time to explain, right then, the devastating impact of online distribution on the publishing world, a fact of post-Internet life that had massively affected his father’s career as a journalist. I told him we’d talk about it later and watched him bike off to school. But at the same time, I mulled over an unexpected contradiction. My son is a member of the first generation for whom the Internet was a part of daily life from the cradle onward. To him, Wi-Fi is as normal as air itself, and the first answer to any question is a Google search. But just like any aging boomer eyeing a Kindle with suspicion and swearing undying allegiance to real books, he too was feeling a sense of loss and uncertainty, of destabilizing change.

FiveWebComicsForTodayDelight: Super Cute by Brent Hibbard, Austin Wilson and David Hopkins. Just because I always feel like this.

Gunshow by KC Green Reminds me very much of Terry Laban’s work but taking far more surreal turn, and a bolder, more cartoony line.

Menage A 3 by by Giz and Dave Zero. Which has turned from something rather obvious into a surprisingly sweet sex comedy

 Real Life by Greg Dean. See if that was The Big Bang Theory, I’d watch it.

Johnny Wander by Ananth Panagariya and Yuko Ota. Vignettes of mundane oddities.



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