Neil LaBute Adapting His Superb Play Some Girls With Adam Brody In The Lead

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I still cherish In The Company Of Men as one of the most exciting surprises I’ve had in the cinema,  scarily sharp and piercing film that was my first exposure to both Neil LaBute and Aaron Eckhart.

That film ends with a very sad, horrendous pay off, and so does LaBute’s play Some Girls. It’s a narrative technique that LaBute is the master of, stacking up his narratives in a way that the final moment forces a real, meaningful reassessment of the characters and their motivations.

Adam Brody has won a role in a new feature film version of Some Girls, the unnamed male lead, the character whose motives are only fully revealed at the very end. The story sees him travelling across the country to visit a series of his exes in the advent of his marriage.

Variety‘s story is implying, but not stating explicitly that LaBute will be directing the film, calling it:

the latest film from Neil LaBute.

Incidentally, they also report that Brody will star in the comedy Welcome to the Jungle with Rob Huebel, Kristen Schaal and Jean-Claude Van Damme. It’s described thus:

a group of staffers at a design firm… go on an office retreat to a tropical island, where total chaos erupts after they become stranded. A Lord of the Flies – type situation unfolds.

I’m sure it does.

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