The Rules Of Superpowers And A Whole Lot Of Spectacle – The New Chronicle Trailer

There are more ideas and interesting images in these thirty seconds or so of Chronicle than many superpowers stories manage to drum up in a whole hour. Some of this we’ve seen in the previously released trailers and TV spots, but there’s new stuff here too.

The best thing about this mini-trailer, is the explication of some rules. From what we hear, we discover that at least one of the film’s characters is trying to set some reasonable rules for the use of powers.

From what we see, we discover that at least one of the others doesn’t give a damn.

And the stage is set for what looks to be a rather incredible conflict.

Chronicle opens in the UK on February 1st, then in the US on the 3rd. I think we might have a sleeper smash on our hands…

Thanks to Just Jared for the embed.