Image From Skyfall Shows You James Bond Before Breakfast… Or Maybe Bed?

It seems that this is the first official still to be revealed from Skyfall, after the nearly-but-not-quite USA Today scenario just the other day. Empire could have been more clear about, it however. But I think it's right to say this is THE FIRST. Because you know how important that is, right? THAT IT'S THE FIRST?

The location for this snap, the Empire Man says, is the London Four Seasons. Yes, that's right. You too can swim in the same pool as James Bond when you book a room for just £495 per night.

Now, just to be absolutely clear – we really don't want any confusion about this – those are not the same trunks Bond wore in Casino Royale. No. Just a similar shade of blue. A subtle costume design nod to Bond being such a creature of habit, of course.