The Trailer For Wes Anderson's Moonrise Kingdom Is Everything You'd Expect It To Be

Fans and detractors of Wes Anderson alike will find everything they expect in this trailer for Moonrise Kingdom, a film that appears on current evidence to be a sort of hip 1960s-period romantic mystery.

If the transition to stop motion couldn't disguise the overall Wes Andersonness of The Fantastic Mr. Fox, making a period picture sure as heck wasn't going to either. Particularly not when that period is the same pseudo 60s he steeped every single one of his previous films in anyway, no matter when their stories were supposedly taking place.

Anderson's co-writer on the picture is Roman Coppola, but whatever contributions he may have made to the film overall, his work towards this trailer doesn't stand out quite as much as that of the dolly grips. "Aaaaaaaaaaaand puuuuuuuuuuuuuuuush!"

Moonrise Kingdom is released in the US on May 25th. Smells like a Cannes premiere to me.

You can see the trailer in HD at Apple.