Evidence Of Marcus Johnson As Nick Fury’s Son Mounts Up

Posted by January 11, 2012 Comment

Bleeding Cool has been following the theory that Marcus Johnson, mysterious star of Battle Scars, is Nick Fury’s son, and potentially creating a new black Nick Fury in the standard Marvel Universe in time for the Avengers movie, starring Samuel L Jackson in the role.

Well, today’s comics comes with some new information. Here are three panels taken from issue 3, on sale today.

Whoever Marcus Johnson believes is his dad, is dead… and both his parents are dead. No aunts and uncles on his father’s side I’ll bet. Very convenient. Focus on his father by Taskmaster, an old foe – and then colleague – of Nick Fury. And a reference to immortality, Nick Fury cannot age any more. And is clearly not dead.

Comics courtesy of Orbital Comics of London – whose tenth anniversary new website will be going live any day now.

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