The Black And White Swamp Thing Art Of Yanick Paquette

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When Titan Books published trade paperbacks of Swamp Thing in the UK, well ahead of the US, they used the black and white art of Steve Bissette, John Totleben, Rick Veitch and others. And it really worked. Colouring was still undeveloped in comics, and often would obscure the linework. The Titan editions are still my favourite version of the Alan Moore run.

Techniques are far more advanced today, of course, with colouring often accentuating the art, making it richer, deeper, as much an art form as the linework itself.

But I still get a different thrill from looking at the pages in black and white. And the current Swamp Thing artist Yanick Paquette has acquiesced, on his DeviantArt page, posting published pages in their original inked form

Swamp Thing Issue 2 pages 4 and 6

Swamp Thing Issue 2 pages 8, 9, 10 and 11

Swamp Thing Issue 3 pages 11 and 12:

Swamp Thing Issue 5 pages 1, 5, 18 and 20

Swamp Thing Issue 6 and Issue 7 covers

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