Saturday Trending Topics: Price Points, Page Counts, Paper And Pixels


It was one of the most controversial topics of last year, and it is certain to be regularly discussed in 2012 as well.  Of course, it's almost always a hot topic of conversation, and for good reason.  To me, the key point to ponder for the coming year will be whether economic and digital pressures are finally bringing an end to the decades-long reign of the 32 page (22+ page story) format as the linchpin of the comic periodical. And what will it morph into next?

Most-Read Comic Stories Today:

What Will Join Batman And Detective Comics Together At $3.99? (UPDATE) 

In an interview with Vaneta Rogers at Newsarama, Senior DC VPs Bob Wayne and John Rood announced that both Batman and Detective Comics would become $3.99 books in 2012, joining Action Comics, Men Of War, Justice League and All Star Western, with added pages in return for the extra dollar.

Swipe File: Alex Ross And Fandom Rising

But that pose looks rather familiar, let's take a closer look…

Designing Hulk Season One

And how will the Hulk or, say, General Ross, look in this new version of the story? Well Tom Fowler has been showing off his sculpting skills…

Most-Read TV/Film Stories Today:

Saturday Rushes – The Dark Knight Plagiarises, Jism 2′s Wet Sheets, New Faces For Kick-Ass 2 And More

This video offers some compelling evidence that a chunk of Hans Zimmer's music for The Dark Knight was "inspired by" Francis Lai's score for the musical Edit et Marcel.

The Hobbit Vs. Dark Knight Rises Vs. Prometheus – Breaking It Down, With Graphs And Everything

n the days before Christmas, knockout trailers were released for three of the most keenly anticipated films on the 2012 calendar: The Dark Knight Rises, Prometheus and The Hobbit. I can tell you from the statistics here at Bleeding Cool that these films are generating an awful lot of interest amongst Little Bleeders… but how about in the world at large?

Skyfall Set Snoops Spy A James Bond Spoiler

It doesn't take too much knowledge of military protocol to decipher a hint of something there, but if you want it made more explicit, there's more info to be had from on-set snoopers.


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