Saturday Rushes – The Dark Knight Plagiarises, Jism 2’s Wet Sheets, New Faces For Kick-Ass 2 And More

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Noel Clarke’s “family man” character in the Star Trek sequel has been given a “family woman” for a wife. She’s to be played by Nazneen Contractor, formerly of 24.  There’s a “family girl” still to be revealed, a daughter for the couple. [EW]

Here are almost 30 seconds from this week’s Sherlock, The Hounds of Baskerville.

Rhona Mitra, of sometime Lara Croft infamy, has been cast as the “beautiful, cunning” female lead for season 2 of Strike Back. [Deadline]

Huang Hoang has outed herself as the actress in the IMDB “agegate” privacy suit. I couldn’t even find anybody of that name listed on the site, so perhaps the IMDB are fighting back in the best way possible – cutting her off. [Variety]

Disney may sell off their Touchstone imprint, sometime outlet for Who Framed Roger Rabbit and The Nightmare Before Christmas, and more lately their distribution channel for Dreamworks fare. [NY Post]

The Blackadder writing team of Richard Curtis and Ben Elton have reteamed to write a secret, “original” stage musical. Here’s hoping it’s a vehicle for Rowan Atkinson – that’s alchemy right there. [Telegraph]

Here’s some promotional art for the Hindi-language thriller, Jism 2. I don’t know how many Little Bleeders have seen the first film, but looking at this artwork, I imagine plenty will be checking out Jism soon. [Twitch]

Robert Kirkman’s “Top 5” selection of zombie films includes three Romero films, one Edgar Wright film and a remake of a Romero film… but which one? [FearNet]

This video offers some compelling evidence that a chunk of Hans Zimmer’s music for The Dark Knight was “inspired by” Francis Lai’s score for the musical Edit et Marcel. [io9]

Mark Strong, Jessica Chastain and Edgar Ramirez are negotiating deals to appear in Kathryn Bigelow’s Bin Laden movie. Joel Edgerton has recently signed on to star, with Jason Clarke and Chris Pratt also in the frame.  In order to make this movie, Chastain will likely ditch Oblivion, the Tom Cruise sci-fi picture from Joseph Kosinski. [Deadline]

Meanwhile, Bigelow and screenwriter Mark Boal are alleged to have been given access to classified information about the Navy Seals raid that resulted in Bin Laden’s death. An investigation into CIA information-sharing procedure is underway. [Independent]

Michael Madsen is locked up safe in the Celebrity Big Brother house, where he can’t make any more films for a moment. He should be out by January 30th, however, just in time for the UK release of Eldorado in 3D. Here is its completely baffling trailer.

If writer-director Richard Driscoll wants to get in touch, I’ve got plenty of questions.

The “epilogue film” Tangled Ever After will play in cinemas ahead of Beauty and the Beast 3D. From these clips, it looks like a good deal of fun.

Albert Pyun is recutting Nemesis into something more like his original intentions [Facebook]

Work has started on re-mastering Nemesis into a version closer to what I had intended. Version 2.0 will be different in many ways including story plot line and the backstory on Alex Rain. It will have an entirely different opening scene and an ending closer to what I had intended. It links more smoothly into Nemesis 2. This will be ready possibly by the end of January for shipping. If we can do it, we’ll try to give it a 5.1 audio master instead of the stereo track on the release version.

Sam Worthington has been talking about Thunder Run, the motion capture Iraq war movie that he’s making with Simon West, director of Con Air and The Expendables 2. [Collider]

It’s based on an actual case where 300 tanks went into Baghdad. You can’t do that for real, it costs way too much money and setup time to reset 300 tanks. How we’re doing it is a bit like a cross between Avatar and Tron, a mo-cap kind of world, which is interesting. They’ve shown me some designs and they’ve shown me their little practice on it, but if they pull it off it’s certainly gonna be a different type of film.

Here’s the trailer for ATM, written by Buried‘s Chris Sparling when he was obviously in a similar but considerably goofier mood.

Former Warner Bros. president Alan Horn is staying involved in The Hobbit to such an extent that he’s going to receive an Executive Producer credit. Yeah, that much. More actively, he’s also working on a stage version of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, set to open in London in Spring 2013. [THR]

Here’s a little plastic Andrew Garfield in the sewer, probably about to sling a zinger at the shadow of The Lizard.

Ron Howard’s Rush is being told it can’t film on a disused airfield in Hampshire. Boo hoo. [BBC]

Martin Campbell, victim of the appalling Green Lantern script and the man who successfully relaunched James Bond twice, has taken over the thiller Umbra from Joe Carnahan. Paul Haggis is going to do some rewrites on the script about “a business man who gets a mysterious package in the mail and gets caught up in a government conspiracy.” If you’re not scared of SPOILERS, I can also tell you that aliens are involved. Sneaky aliens. [Deadline]

The Royal Family of Abu Dhabi have taken objection to Tobe Hooper’s new horror film, Djinn, and are blocking its release. They don’t like his portrayal of the United Arab Emirates. [Movie Sushi via Shock Til You Drop]

Warner Bros. sent out the incorrect draft of J. Edgar to potential awards season voters. Will this put the voters off? More than the film itself? [Variety]

We’ve not seen much of Heather Donahue since The Blair Witch Project, and in part, that’ll be because she spent a year growing marijuana, and in another part, because she then wrote a book about it. [Reuters]

Disney are turning their Mattherhorn ride into an adventure film, and have now attached director Brian Beletic to take charge. The new report doesn’t mention them, but we previously heard that there are to be Yetis involved. [Deadline]

Here are some trailerlets for Luxury Comedy, a new show from Noel Fielding and a few of his Mighty Boosh cohort – but no Julian Barrett, and with Nigel Coan directing instead of Paul King:

And talking of the Boosh, Fielding has spoken to The List about their long-planned movie, and when we might eventually see it:

Nonetheless, he’s sure that the Boosh will be back, mightier than ever. They’ve written two film scripts – a musical halfway between Rocky Horror and 28 Days Later and an arctic adventure – in the past few years, but it’s a matter of picking the right time.

‘If you don’t leave it quite long enough, people go, “Oh, we’ve just got over you.” It’s got to be like seven or eight years.’

And in a roughly similar vein, here’s the trailer for Davide Manuli’s The Legend of Kasper Hauser with Vincent Gallo and some UFOs [Quiet Earth]

It looks Angelina Jolie’s son Pax has been picking up on everything mom and pop say about the paparazzi. [Huffington Post]

Jane Goldman has revealed something about Kick-Ass 2 that we’ve been digging into here at Bleeding Cool for a while now. Neither she nor Matthew Vaughn will write or direct the sequel, but they’re speaking to some people who might… [MTV]

The New Orleans shoot for Django Unchained has been delayed for a month. Maybe this will give Tarantino time to compile his “Top films of 2011” list – it was sorely missed at New Year. Meanwhile, Paul Greengrass’ Captain Phillips probably won’t be shooting in New Orleans, as was planned, and will be going overseas. But Captain Phillips is an American hero, dammit, etc. [NOLA]

And that’s our Rushes for Saturday. Phew.

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