Benedict Cumberbatch And Noel Clarke Cast In New Star Trek

Benedict Cumberbatch, the preferred Sherlock of this Parish, has reportedly swooped in and taken the lead villain role in the new Star Trek movie. This was the part that Benicio Del Toro turned down and that Edgar Ramirez had auditioned for. It looked, for a while, that JJ ABbrams was only seeing hispanic actors for the part, and reports persisted that the role was that of Khan.

The casting of Cumberbatch would seem to throw that all out of whack a little.

Deadline‘s initial report on his casting did not call the role, but Variety’s Jeff Sneider has since tweeted that Cumberbatch is the naughty baddie. I can only imagine he’ll play it with relish.

And another British TV favourite has claimed a role in the film, with Variety revealing that Noel Clarke, sometime Doctor Who sub-companion and the industrious director and writer of a number of (so far) British movies, will be playing:

A family man with wife and young daughter.

It remains to be seen if the already cast Alice Eve will be his wife.

Star Trek 2 won’t be called that at all, but will be post-converted into 3D for a May 2013 release.