Cerebus To Go Digital In 2012 – If Dave Sim Can Get Some Answers

On the new Cerebus TV episode, premiering on Bleeding Cool, Dave Sim first talks about Darwyn Cooke and his work, with a Cerebus TV interview with Darwyn, where he talks about the potential of digital comics.

And, as Dave Sim reveives copies of the Zootanapuss variant cover of Glamourpuss to sign,  we see Cerebus artwork being scanned for a new printing of Flight and as Dave Sim says “possibly, possibly for digital download sales” although he despairs at the possibility of losing the very physicality of the comic. And how he can protct and promote comic books tores at the same time.

He shows us a copy of the press release that was to be released with iVerse that confirmed that Cerebus go digital in 2012. Except that negotiations have stalled with Dave Sim worried about auditing over the number of downloads – and whether or not Dave Sim can trust Apple to tell him the truth.

Can anyone provide him with answers?



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