Page Six One Six - The Christmas Eve Edition

Page Six One Six – The Christmas Eve Edition

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The comics industry is at pause. Everyone is at home with their family – or at least on their way home, after popping in to see to the mistress. Welcome to Page Six One Six, the occasional blind items column of Bleeding Cool. Stories where the names have been changed to protect the guilty, stories told in the New York sports bars from intern to colourist, to assistant editor… you have been warned.

Which comic book senior editor went apeshit when he discovered another employee in the company had been technically promoted to his level and demanded a promotion for himself? And while he got it, it may have cost him a greater promotion, which went to a colleague…

Which comic book executive is so worried about incidents from his dark and murky past that he won’t allow photographs of himself to be taken, in case he is recognised?

Which writer/artist turned up at another writer/artist’s offices the other week, steaming drunk, and causing the writer/artist who owned the offices considerable embarrassment – and anger on his eventual departure?

Which comic book writer, enjoying increasingly mainstream Hollywood acceptance, kicked off big style when another comic writer/artist regaled others with stories of excessive drug use earlier in their life – in digital print – and demanded its deletion?

Which comic book publisher had an endoscopic stomach insert and lost pounds every week, where good old exercise just wouldn’t do the trick?

Which comics publisher, having an affair with an ex-girlfriend of one of his employees, now employed as his publicist, found himself blackmailed by her. And, after confessing all to his wife on advice from his lawyer, found himself thrown out of his home, divorce proceedings started, and everyone at his place of work who didn’t know about the situation, finding out when she called them up asking questions.

Which comic book publisher discovered that a lady he had slept with at a comic book convention years ago, who he considered a little on the nutty side, was still pursuing him, to the extent that she slept in the same room as a couple of his male employees at a convention this year? It did not work.

Which comic book writer for Image Comics had a planned project there with a major artist, only to find that his lack of willing to pay another artist on time had seen him blacklisted by both the publisher – and the major artist in question?

Which comic book retailer told a number of people he was being hired to replace a senior comic book executive on said executive’s retirement – only to discover said executive had no intention of retiring whatsoever?

Which major comic executive was hired with the express job of firing another major comics executive… but as they were friends, managed to turn the tables and push someone else out of the door instead?

Which comics writer was so pleased to receive a gift of a less than legal nature at a comic convention, that he got a bag of the said dried plant out at every opportunity until hotel staff asked him to please stop?

Which comics writer went at a minor industry figure with fisticuffs on a convention floor, only to find himself taken off his big name book after word got round?

Which digital comics project from a major entertainment brand is being talked of s a bust right now? The powers that be were given the impression that the project would succeed simply by putting their name on it, and would recall past successes in animation – but despite big names, numbers are abysmal compared to, say, Freakangels.

Which exclusive comics artist posted a video about an upcoming project on his website – only to discover not only was it premature, but that he was now off the project. His initial hiring by his editor had been against the publisher’s wishes and now the publisher had an excuse to fire the artist off the book and put the editor in the doghouse.

And exactly what will Bleeding Cool be running on Christmas Day at 9am ET/2pm GMT and Noon ET/5pm GMT? See you tomorrow to find out.

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