Superb New Trailer And Intriguing Concept Art For John Carter

Superb New Trailer And Intriguing Concept Art For John Carter

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Andrew Stanton has made it very clear that he thinks Pixar’s way of making movies is superior to the standard model for live action feature production. This would begin, I’d imagine, in the pre-production and concept art stages – though don’t ask me for the fine differences between preliminary design for a live action film and for animation.

When Stanton’s film John Carter is released in the New Year it will accompanied by a book of the film’s development artwork. Tomes like these are often issued to support sci-fi and fantasy films, but the best of them will tend to be for the Disney and Pixar pictures.

Here’s the cover, which is unlikely to be final.

The Art of John Carter will be released on March 6th, three days ahead of the film, but can be pre-ordered now.

That this book is written by Mark Salisbury, author of several great Tim Burton volumes that I could reach out and touch right now if you challenged me to, only makes it more attractive.

The following is concept art that may or may not end up in the book but which was made available online for those who played a John Carter tie-in game on the US Disney site. I’ve just tried the game for a couple of minutes and… well, I’m glad it’s not supposed to be its own reward. And I’m extra glad somebody else has already beaten the concept art out of it.

Now, finally, here’s a new trailer for the film that was cut for Japan. There’s a lot of new footage, including a surprising amount of the fictionalised Edgar Rice Burroughs.

That’s my favourite trailer for the film yet… but some of the footage I’ve seen is far better still. Good to know, at least, that they’re not just throwing all of the best stuff at us in the marketing.

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