Christina Hendricks Moving In To Join Elle Fanning And Alice Englert In Bomb

Bomb, eh? That’s one of those film titles like, say, Superbad or Cop Out that seems immediately destined for a mocking reference on some old bod’s film review radio show.*

“It reviews itself,” he’ll say. He always does.

Yes. Well.

I’d actually say Bomb stands every chance of coming together. It has been written, and will be directed by Sally Potter who has one bonafide solid-gold classic under her belt in the shape of Orlando and a nice little heap of other ambitious, interesting films, from The Gold Diggers to Yes.

Potter has been pulling Bomb together for a while. Almost a year ago she posted a casting call and plot blurb on her official site:

The story is set in London in 1961 at the time of the “Ban the Bomb” movement. Ginger and Rosa are nearly 16 and lifelong best friends who do everything together. Ginger is the “brainy” one who wants to get involved in the antinuclear protests while Rosa is more interested in boys.

She included a sample of the script for hopefuls to audition with.

Since then, Elle Fanning and Alice Englart, daughter of Jane Campion and Colin Englert, have been cast as Ginger and Rosa respectively, alongside Alessandro Nivola as Ginger’s father.

Back in November, Deadline said that Nivola’s character:

has a fallout with his teen daughter when he has an affair with her best friend.

Fallout. Bomb. See what they did there? No? Coincidence? Really?

According to The Daily Mail Ms. Hendricks is negotiating a role in the film, though they don’t have anything to tell us about it. I might assume she’ll be the mother of Rosa as she looks fairly like Englert – at least enough that it will “movie pass.”

If you, like most of the internet, just can’t get enough of Christina Hendricks in 60s fashions, it sounds like your ship is coming in.

Bomb sounds fascinating. I’ll keep an ear open.

*I say his. He’s actually just a featured contributor.