Catwoman, Wonder Woman, Storm And She Hulk Examine Their Breasts In Cancer Awareness Ads

Context is a funny thing. Put these image in a comic book and there may be an internet storm. Use them in Mozambique to advertise the need to check your breasts for potential cancerous lumps, and it would take the biggest, most insensitive prude to object.

So look for one or two of them in the forum comments below.

But as a message, it aims to extend the possiblity of breast cancer as a real risk to everyone, even the superheroine. But it also takes what some people may find an embarrassing task, and transforms it into something aspirational, glamourous… and as a result, acceptable.

It is also the closest thing we’ve had to a Marvel/DC crossover we’ve had in years.

The work was created by artist Halfy/Maifa, who has her own DeviantArt page featuring these female friendly, activist designs, as well as work like…

Oh, okay, as you were then.

So, testicular cancer awareness ads featuring Namor, The Flash, Mr Fantastic and Lex Luthor anyone?

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