Battleship Trailer And New Poster – Just Because

So far, Battleship doesn’t look very good at all. That may be partly because this trailer is going all out to make the film seem like an expensive Transformers knock-off.

<a href=';vid=8859c0d1-4212-4a88-b013-b60bf6db3018&#038;from=en-gb&#038;src=v5:embed::uuids' target=_new title='Battleship trailer (MSN Exclusive)'>Video: Battleship trailer (MSN Exclusive)</a>

Told you.

Battleship has been directed by Peter Berg who hasn’t directed a single film I’ve really found it worth caring about in his entire career, and he seems hell bent on keeping that going to the grave.

I’m not put off because this is based on a board game – I mean, the game is so incredibly vague, screenwriters Jon and Erich Hoeber were basically just making things up from scratch. I’m put off because it doesn’t seem to have any ideas or ambition or purpose. Not from the materials we’ve seen so far.

Still, The Hoebers’ script for Red really wasn’t too bad, all things considered.