Valen The OutSlabbed #1 From Boom

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Valen The Outcast #1 is published by Boom! tomorrow.

It comes with a 1-in-200 variant for the first issue featuring a Joe Jusko cover. Basically, if you wanted a copy, the store had to order 200 copies of the comic.

Not many stores did.

Every issue would come slabbed, guaranteed in a 9.8 condition by CCG, this was a comic destined never to be read. They could have printed blank pages. What you were getting was basically a limited edition Joe Jusko print in slabbed comic form.

There are 25 copies being sent to retailers, across the whole world.

The rest of the copies printed? Boom! president Roiss Richie is going to burn them. Burn them all.

It’s currently at $81 on eBay. I think that may be a little low.

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