Dimenson Films Want To Know If You’re Looking Forward To Scream 5 – Does That Mean It’s Coming?

Yesterday, the burning question on the Dimension Films Twitter feed was this:

Which Dimension Films sequel are you most looking forward to? #Piranha3DD, #ScaryMovie5, #HalloweenIII , #Scream5

Which begs another question: does this mean they’re pressing ahead with Scream 5?

I can’t find any data for Scream 4‘s performance on DVD and Blu-ray, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it was at least solid.

Now, there’s a good chance this tweet was just a semi-sneaky way of testing the waters. Or maybe the tweet was made by somebody who didn’t really know, or care, about the status of various touted sequels. Or maybe it was all just an attempt to get some publicity –

But I think this was the first official statement that supposes the imminence of a fifth Scream film, rather than just something they “might do” or that “could follow.”

And for what it’s worth, yes, my answer to their question would have been Scream 5. Most certainly if Kevin Williamson could be persuaded to come back, and if the Weinsteins could be persuaded to stop meddling with his work.

*There was a considerably less burning question cooked up to promote The Amityville Horror.