Girl With The Dragon Tattoo Soundtrack To Come On Six LPs, Feature Bryan Ferry Cover

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The various twitter accounts of Trent Reznor and company have been a little leaky today. Around an hour ago, new info was released through both @trent_reznor and @destroyangels, the official feed for his band How To Destroy Angels.

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The Bryan Ferry song in question originally featured on the soundtrack to Ridley Scott’s Legend.

Now, if we were to get 6 LPs of actual music in the film that would mean, I believe, that it would be wall-to-wall soundtrack. Instead, it seems more likely that we’ll be getting extended versions away from the images, and abbreviated cues and sequences where appropriate in the movie. But who knows?

I haven’t even been able to confirm the run time of the allegedly “looooong” film, and have even seen rumours that Sony and Fincher have been arguing over the final cut – though by now, I’d imagine that dispute is over, if it ever happened.

Reznor has promised that a lot more information about the soundtrack will be released on December 2nd, which is this Friday.

Let’s listen to the Bryan Ferry original of Is Your Love Strong Enough and perhaps ponder what use Fincher has for it.

As I understand it, that video was directed by Tim Pope. I miss Tim Pope.

Thanks to Pitchfork for the heads up on the Reznor tweets.

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