Full Length Lizard – Is This An Early Look For Spider-Man's Next Nemesis?

I wouldn't have been sceptical about the provenance of this image had it turned up 36 hours ago.

You see, this picture does match up very nicely with the Lizard as I've seen him in full CG, bursting out of a bathroom stall and terrorising teenage girls. But it also matches up to the Pez dispenser we saw yesterday and, really, it's short hop, skip and a jump with not much faith needed to extrapolate this painting from that little plastic face.

Still, even if it isn't genuine concept art, it's a pretty accurate rendition of what the early footage has shown us, and for those to have not seen the clips, I'd say this picture is worth a few thousand words.

Just in case you can't read the huge watermark, the pic surfaced at Spider-Media.

(As a postscript, something tells me I've seen this exact image somewhere before. If you can jog my memory, please do)