A Brief Look At Avenging Spider-Man #2

You’d be given, from all the publicity, to expect that the second issue of Avenging Spider-Man is comic about Spider-Man. Some of you may concede that it might actually be a comic about the Red Hulk. But it’s about neither of them. Oh sure, Spider-Man and Rulk are certainly in this comic, they run around, they fight things, they escape from the belly of a big monster – and not in the fashion you might imagine – as things get hit and explode.

But at the heart of the book is one man. James Jonah Jameson, mayor of New York, thrust into the primitive politics of the Moloids. It’s weird, both this book and Incredible Hulk seem to have the Mole Men’s subterranean lot involved in some kind of local politics, usurper to their crown and a Hulk being used as a pawn. But like I said, despite his voluminous frame, this comic isn’t about the Hulk.

It’s about an ex-newspaper editor turned New York politician acting, well, like Jonah, in the face of adversity.

Yes, exactly like that. Refusing to see the world in any other terms but his own – and those of a belligerant, bombastic bastard. And it’s brilliant. Zeb transfers this monster to this world of monsters and he fits it beautifully, with some seriously strong facial gurning from Joe Madueira too.

Naturally he suffers the consequences of his actions… not that this changes his attitude one iota, and although even he has his limits in blustering bravado.

Anyway, we know we’re getting Hawkeye and more to follow Rulk in Avenging Spider-Man, I was just hoping… any chance of making it official in the future and having a proper Avenging Spider-Man J Jonah Jameson team up? The man needs, publicity, election year is only just round the corner…

Avenging Spider-Man #2 by Zeb Wells and Joe Madueira is published shortly by Marvel. 21 pages for $3.99, including digital download code.

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