Digital Delights – The Five Percent

Top Delight: Top Shelf takes the plunge, with two Apple Apps, one for grown ups, one for kiddle-winkles, and launches it with a big discount digital sale. As well as having their comics on ComiXology, iVerse, Graphi.Ly, carrier pigeons and shadow mime.

DiscountDelight: The DCBS online comics ordering service have discovered a new twist. Order a digital comic on ComiXology through their website them – and get 5% of the cover price towards a print purchase.

FireDelight: Using the Amazon Kindle Fire

ComiXology has come through for the Fire in a way that Conde Nast and other magazine publishers haven’t. The ComiXology app can display comics in either fullpage mode (which makes one nostalgic for those pulp Archie Comics digests at the supermarket checkout aisle) or in a “guided view” mode that moves a virtual “camera” around the page, following the story panel by panel. The system was originally created for phone screens, which completely failed to engage my excitement for digital comics, but on the Fire the system works well.

I can only hope that magazine publishers will follow ComiXology’s example, and provide the reader with an alternative to tedious manual zooming and scrolling.

FireDelight2: More Fire Watch

To Amazon’s credit, it’s allowing the excellent Comixology comics app onto the Fire. That means you don’t have to buy your comics from Amazon, and you aren’t restricted to the Fire’s built-in (and inferior) comics browser.

ClaimDelight: Graeme McMillan catches Marvel making false claims about which publisher went first with a digital line of comics…

“The real “first line of comics to be offered digitally on the same day [as] print editions” is, of course, Archie Comics, which went day-and-date in January this year. So, why did Marvel’s PR include this completely untrue piece of information, especially when it’s so easily disproven?”

Johanna Draper Carlson asks if the shrinkwrapped graphic novel to preserve digoital download codes is worth taking away the ability to browse through the comic in store, especially Marvel’s Season One new-reader-friendly line?

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