Red Dwarf Is Coming Back And You Can Be In The Live Studio Audience

UPDATE: Website crashed. Sorry.

I did see plenty of criticism of the last Red Dwarf specials, the Return to Earth episodes, that hinged on there being no laugh track, no live studio audience to fill in the space at the end of jokes with the expected uproar and hysteria. I agree – the episodes ended up feeling colder and looser than they needed to.

It’s a shrewd move, then, to recruit live audiences for the new filming sessions. Six episodes of Series X are going to be shot in December and January, and all of them will need a full house to beef up the track.

Here are the filming dates:

Friday 16th December 2011
Friday 23rd December 2011
Saturday 7th January 2012
Friday 13th January 2012
Friday 20th January 2012
Friday 27th January 2012

Friday 23rd December? That’s a pretty cool thing to do on Christmas Eve Eve, don’t you reckon? Like a panto, but with Scutters.

If you want to attend, you’ll need to register with audience-filler ticket house Lost in TV and be ready for today at 2pm, GMT, when the tickets will be made available.

I think they’ll be gone by 2.10, I really do.

I’d recommend signing up to Lost in TV now, then get ready with the refresh button from about 1:58. You know – just in case.

Rich and I once went to a recording of I’m Alan Partridge together, during which Rich wore a Red Dwarf T-shirt. Time to flip the paradigm, Rich?

[Rich adds: Brendon, I was not wearing a Red Dwarf T-Shirt. I have never worn a Red Dwarf T-Shirt. We were picked on by warm up man Tom Binns who decided that we must be Red Dwarf fans, but that’s entirely due to the fact that we were young men with unkempt hair. We then held an irrational hatred of Tom Binns for years, including at one point calling up a TV show to mock him for stealing jokes from Richard Herring, from which we then got the ongoing joke”Tom Binns lives on a barge” from. Get your facts right, honestly…]

Chris Barrie, Craig Charles, Danny John-Jules and Robert Llewellyn are all back for Series X. Those who don’t attend the filming will have to wait until next September, which is when Dave are currently planning to air them.