Now Really Is The Time To Buy This Is Spinal Tap – But Why?

I love This is Spinal Tap. Indeed, even if Rob Reiner had only made this and not also The Princess Bride, Misery, Stand By Me, When Harry Met Sally and all those others go-to pictures in my collection, I’d still be pegged as a bit of a whizz for Spinal Tap alone.

To paraphrase Beetlejuice, I’ve seen This Is Spinal Tap 164 times and it keeps getting funnier every time I see it.

If you don’t already own a copy, now really is the time to nab one. Why?

Because it’s “One Louder Day.”

It’s 11/11/11.

Actually, as I publish this, it’s 11:11 GMT on 11/11/11. Now really is the time.

And it doesnt’ hurt that the US DVD and Blu-ray and UK DVD and Blu-ray are all at bargain prices too. The US disc at least is Region Coded, and I’m 75% sure the UK one is. I’m trying to clarify this.

Now, I’m not one for quoting films but this is This is Spinal Tap. What’s your favourite line?